Brighter Days Ahead For THE JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Looks like Warner Bros. paid attention to the venomous response from fans to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Several reports from prominent members of the Geek media invited to the set of the new Justice League movie indicate that director Zack Snyder, likely under some sort of mandate from the studio, is going for a slightly lighter mood on the DC superteam pic.


There was some breaking news from the set visits, including word that the Big Bad of the movie is Steppenwolf (not the band, an acolyte of Darkseid). Also, the Mother Box shown really quickly in the Cyborg cameo scene in BvS will play a key role in the film.

But really, this was about righting the DC movie ship, and getting the word out — EARLY — that Justice League won’t be the dark, dreary mess that BvS was. If this report by my pal Aaron Sagers over at Blastr is any indication, then the filmmakers really did pay attention to the fans’ complaints, and adjusting accordingly. Thank goodness. The very best of DC is about light and hope and optimism. It would be a darn shame if a new generation of fans only knows the DCU from the nihilistic POV of the Snyder-verse.

I’m personally encouraged by Snyder name-dropping Jack Kirby and the New Gods influence he says the movie will have. It’s about time! I can only dream we’ll one day see some version of the Glory Boat onscreen.


Read the full set visit here.

Justice League arrives in theaters, November 17, 2017.

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