More #SDCC Nuttiness – Activations Galore!


Something to ponder if you’re going to San Diego for Comic Con: you don’t actually have to step inside  the convention center during the 4-day event to have a grand time. That’s because so many studios and TV networks go all out with interesting, interactive activations and installations.

(case in point – the year DC put ALL of the Batmobiles on display)IMG_1694

Case in point. FX revealed today plans for an installation called FXhibition at Hilton Bayfront Park, which is sandwiched in between the convention center and the Hilton. It’s going to feature all sorts of imagery from their hit shows, like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Archer.

What interested me the most was word that The Strain would be repped by a 25-foot tall statue of an infected Lady Liberty. Now THAT’S a primo selfie opportunity!

Also, there will be an immersive, Virtual Reality activation for American Horror Story. So if getting the poop scared out of you while wearing Google Cardboard is your idea of fun, sounds like this is the place for you. You can reserve your time slot online (very smart, FX) at starting July 19th. Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.36.05 PM

For my money, the Game of Thrones installations are always the best outdoor events #SDCC has to offer. For obvious reasons….



That last pic was of the Oculus Rift experience two years ago where you were part of the Night’s Watch on the wall. It ended with you getting pegged by a flaming arrow and falling to your DOOM. It was … intense.

I can’t imagine anything topping that, but I’ll give the AHS VR experience a shot.

I’ll keep posting more Comic Con news and reveals here as we get closer to DefCon 5. I’ll be there; LMK who else is going. If you’re not attending, feel free to let me know what you would like me to try and cover and post here.






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