A Visit To Skull Island: Reign Of Kong

Skull Island Reign Of Kong_02
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Something you will see a lot of here on Dad Encyclopedia are stories about theme parks. Since we live in Miami, hitting Orlando to visit the Disney and Universal parks is an easy 3 1/2 hour drive. I’ll be posting regularly about our visits there, how we plan our days and sharing a batch of interesting photos and videos from the parks and the rides.

We recently had the pleasure of checking out the latest attraction at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Skull Island: Reign of Kong. Short review — it was fantastic.

It’s an immersive 3D experience, inside an elaborately detailed environment that looks like what a place called Skull Island would look like. The designers smartly made the cue part of the attraction, adding all sorts of clever design and also a few surprises for people waiting in line.

SIRoK 16Cue line 
Grand Opening announcement 
Islands of Adventure
SIRoK 16 Cue line Grand Opening announcement Islands of Adventure Kong

And, because it’s not a rollercoaster ride, it’s family friendly so both my 3 and 5 year-old girls were able to go on it. And they both loved it! IMG_4259

I’ll post a much more in-depth review once I get back from Comic Con in San Diego. But check out this awesome POV video of the ENTIRE Reign of Kong ride. It’s officially open, so make your way to Islands of Adventure and see why Kong still rules!

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