The Iron Fist Panel Shows Why Comic Cons Rule

You kind of had a feeling before it started that something special was about to happen, but the panel for “Marvel’s Iron Fist” Saturday night at New York Comic Con 2016 really surpassed everyone’s expectations. We not only learned a lot about the upcoming Iron Fist series, but we also scored major scoop on The Defenders!

I had the pleasure of being there because sometimes, my work isn’t really work. And it was unforgettable, one of those nights that makes being a fan so rewarding. To be in the room where it happens, when IT happens, is one of the special things about attending an event like New York Comic Con, or San Diego Comic Con.

Usually, these types of internet-cracking moments is reserved for July in San Diego. And as cool as the footage was, the debut of the next Netflix Marvel show, Iron Fist, wouldn’t have rocked our worlds on its own. Bringing out Jon Bernthal, The Punisher, wouldn’t have either.

But, bringing out The Defenders — all four of them, Mike Colter, Krysten Ritter, Charlie Cox and Finn Jones — on stage for the first time? That would do it. The reaction was off the charts. And it was pure, unfiltered, 100% fandemonium.

And then we learned who the villain in that series will be.

 Sigourney Weaver. SIGOURNEY WEAVER!! An amazing actress and a beloved figure by genre fans, she’s going to be the adversary of Marvel’s TV super-team.

It was so nuts, a ‘Holy S**T, Holy S**T’ chant broke out. Even the other actors onstage joined in! Later, during my interviews with the cast, Rosario Dawson called the Sigourney unveiling ‘an awesome moment’ and said the impromptu chant was the best she’s ever heard at a con.

Jessica Stroup, who plays Joy Meachum, said the other actors only learned Weaver would be there an hour before!

Weaver didn’t say anything onstage, and she didn’t have to. Seeing her there was enough. It gave the fans at that panel a moment they will never forget. As someone who was lucky enough to be in Hall H in San Diego in 2010 when the Avengers Assembled for the first time, this moment felt very close to it. The love in that room was pure Geek.

It was a good night.

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