Happy #WinniethePoohDay

There are so many contrived hashtag holidays now, it’s easy to be jaded by them. But #WinniethePoohDay is not one of them.

Because it’s impossible to be jaded about Pooh. That happy-go-lucky big-bellied honey lover is pure, unfiltered happy. I mean, there’s a reason The House on Pooh Corner remains so popular among kids and families after more than 90 years. Who better to help parents teach their kids about rejoicing and living ‘in the moment’ than Pooh Bear? I’m trying to get my girls to get into Pooh and his pals, with mixed success. But I’m confident the goodness and joy in those books will eventually catch on. Maybe Kenny Loggins’ song will help, too.

I’m reminded of a great exchange Pooh had with Piglet. “What day is it?,” Pooh asked. Piglet responded, “It’s today.” Winnie’s response?

“My favorite day.”

Well said, Pooh. Well said. Enjoy your day.


(P.S. this is one of my favorite pieces of art. It’s the title page to a Winnie the Pooh book by Paul Wenzel, and it hangs in Alexia’s bedroom.)


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