Psst…Wanna See a hand drawn THOR FDNY helmet?

I have a bad habit of spending absurd amounts of money I shouldn’t spend on totally unnecessary stuff. Stuff like old Mego action figures, collectible statues, and especially, original comic art. Which is how I wound up with an FDNY helmet with a hand-drawn THOR image by comics legend Walt Simonson.

Yes, an actual helmet used by one of New York’s Bravest with an image of the God of Thunder. I won this back in 2015 during an auction to benefit the FDNY Foundation to mark the FDNY’s 150th anniversary. I love it .. one of the cornerstones of my eclectic collection of … stuff, for a number of reasons, the top one being that it is cool as hell!

Another is just how rare Simonson THOR art is. Walt doesn’t sell much, if any, of his OA (original art), especially from his fabled run on Marvel Comics’ THOR during the 1980s. The few pages that are out in the wild will set you back high 4-figures, at least. Which is why I never expected to own a Thor Simonson piece.


Understand, the comic art rabbit hole is bottomless. You can literally find yourself spending OBSCENE amounts of $$$, especially if your collecting tastes lean towards A-listers like Jim Lee, Frank Miller or Todd McFarlane.

I’m always looking for cool art, within my budget. And with this one, I have a one-of-a-kind display piece featuring a fictional hero paying tribute to real heroes who go out and do the damn job, every single day.

(P.S. Thanks to Frank Dwyer for the genius auction idea)





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