Spring Breakin’ like a Boss … at home

There’s a certain …stigma it seems, to actually decide to stay home with the family when there’s a break in the school calendar. Which is kind of ridiculous, when you think about it. I don’t remember taking a vacation during every long weekend or holiday break when I was a kid. Of course, I also didn’t grow up particularly affluent. I was dead center in the middle class.

As a parent, I like to travel with the kids as much as the next Dad. But I also know its not always possible, for reasons financial and otherwise. The other day, I visited San Antonio’s ABC affiliate KSAT for “San Antonio Live” and shared some ideas on how families can make a stay-cation fun and enjoyable for everyone.

One note: The last item I mentioned was the Cubetastic. It’s a great puzzle/App combo for kids 3 and up. Think Rubik’s cube for Generation App. It’s a great brain twister and a solid time drain when you’re making a two-hour drive to grandma’s. 







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