The Girls review new Voltron Legendary Defender toys

My daughters love the fun swag that occasionally makes its way to my doorstep, thanks to my work.

[That’s right, I suffer for my craft. So take that Haterade somewhere else]

They’ve been begging, literally begging, me to let them do a toy review segment and put it on YouTube. You see, the new generation sees YouTube as this magical place …kind of like Tahiti. When some toys from the new Voltron Legendary Defender line arrived, I figured they wouldn’t have any interest. They haven’t seen the new animated Netflix series the toys are based on. It’s awesome, BTW. Here’s a clip from the show:

But they actually LOVED the toys so I figured, why not? So here’s Alexia & Talia’s debut as YT toy reviewers. They’re checking out the Black Lion and Myzax figures. enjoy…

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