The Write Stuff

Our youngest daughter’s Pre-K class has been focusing on books and authors the past few months. As a result, they’ve had authors come in to talk with the class, and they have also worked on several book-related projects.

Today, we were able to see the fruits of their publishing labor. The school’s ‘Book Fiesta’ featured each Pre-K class’ own book, with a story created by the kids, drawn by the kids, and assembled by the kids (yes, I know the teachers probably did a lot of the heavy lifting, but blast it, I know my daughter did some darn good coloring in those pages!).


Each child wrote and drew their own page in the story. Talia’s page was absurdly cute. Then we assembled an accordion book with her, which will be used as a journal during winter break.


I thought her teachers did an outstanding job putting together this project, because it’s really sparked an interest in books for Baby T. She’s not reading yet, but she loves to tell her own stories as she thumbs through the pages of books she grabs off our shelves, or that she checks out of the school library. It warms my heart to see her embracing books, and asking me to read her bedtime stories.



I love reading, and frankly, was a bit concerned that it was not a trait that was passed down to our girls. In particular, our oldest daughter. We have been spending more time in recent months trying to spark Alexia’s interest in books and reading. She’s seven, and until recently didn’t show much interest in reading beyond the 20 minutes that’s required each day as part of her homework. Thankfully, Alexia has turned a corner.


She’s been reading some chapter books she really enjoys, and that’s led her to finally discover the joy of curling up with a good read. Now she’s finding all sorts of interesting new books, from “I Am Rosa Parks” by Brad Meltzer to the Elephant & Piggy book series by Mo Willems. I’ve had to tell her several times this week it’s time to put down the book and get ready for bed. That makes me quite happy, because that’s how I was at her age. And fingers crossed, Talia is well on her way to being a book lover, too.

What books do your kids enjoy reading? I’m always looking for recommendations, so please share in the comments!

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