Walt Disney World: Open The Gates!

If you’ve never woken up before 8am and rushed over to the Magic Kingdom to catch the opening of the park, well, then you’re missing out on one of the coolest Disney traditions.


The park opening is loads of fun, particularly for little kids, because it gives you that rare opportunity to experience the park when it’s not obscenely crowded.

Pro Tip: Get one of the early reservations for breakfast at The Crystal Palace. That grants you access to the park BEFORE it opens. If you’re smart and eat quickly, you can walk through a practically empty Magic Kingdom and go stake out your spot at the Mine Train, or the Elsa & Anna autograph line. That will save you tons of time.

Or, you can park yourself in front of the castle and watch one of the great sights at any Disney park: The parade of humanity walking up Main Street.

I did this recently for the first time and captured it on my iPhone. Very cool scene:

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